First please consult the FAQs below. If this does not address your concerns please contact the reseller you purchased the Sentinel from. If you have any other questions or concerns please email

If the Sentinel unit is dirty, use a damp cloth to remove any excess dirt and wipe the outer housing dry with a clean cloth or issue. The front lens and rear screen can be cleaned in this fashion.

On a single charge the Sentinel should operate for a minimum of 4 hours continuous use. The Sentinel Pro and Sentinel Ultra can use less power when not using full illumination and this will extend the battery life.

Over the lifetime of the product the Sentinel should be rechargeable over 500 times using the correct supplied recharging unit.

Using the correct supplied Sentinel charging unit the Sentinel should take no more than 2 hours to completely recharge. Temperature and battery age will impact this behaviour however the indication light on the charging unit will change from red to green when the unit is fully charged.

The Sentinel is a sealed unit and should be fine for operation in rain or snow. However this can impact the effective range as raindrops will be illuminated and shown on screen.

The Sentinel Pro and Sentinel Ultra are protected against water ingress to IP67 and are designed and tested to withstand rain showers.

If the screen of the unit shows horizontal lines, these are due to very bright light entering the camera. Objects very close to the Sentinel may be reflecting a large amount of light. Repositioning the unit can reduce this issue.

With a Sentinel Pro and Sentinel Ultra the light level can be adjusted down if this issue is seen.

The Sentinel has a fixed focus camera which has been optimised for the distance of the light.

Objects closer than 10m for the Sentinel and 15m for the Sentinel Pro and Sentinel Ultra may be out of focus due to this.

If the unit is charged and turned on, the screen will show the objects being illuminated. If there are no objects being illuminated or the objects are absorbing the light, then the camera will not see these and the image on screen will stay dark.

With the Sentinel Pro and Sentinel Ultra the screen brightness can be adjusted so it is advised to adjust this brightness up if the screen is dark.

The screen will show the objects being illuminated by the light, if a large amount of light is being captured, this will show on screen. When looking at darker images where less of the light is reflected back to the camera the screen will be darker.

With the Sentinel Pro and Sentinel Ultra the brightness of the screen can be adjusted.

The Sentinel Ultra has in inbuilt recording capability which operates shortly after the unit is turned on, typically less than 10 seconds. The recording is automatic and requires no user input. When the Sentinel Ultra recording capacity is reached, the oldest recordings are overwritten. Each recording session is given a new video file. If a recording session exceeds 15 minutes, the first 15 minutes are in one file, the next 15 in another and so on until the recording session ends.

The recordings on a Sentinel Ultra can be accessed using the micro-USB port on the base of the unit. By connecting the Sentinel Ultra through this port to a computer, the recordings will appear as *.ASF files available for transfer from a mass storage device.

The Sentinel Ultra can take some time to be identified once connected with a computer. Please make the connection and wait for at least 1 minute before you attempt any of the below options.

If the Sentinel Ultra does not appear automatically as a mass storage device there may be a number of reasons. Disconnect the unit, power it on and reconnect. Try an alternative micro-USB cable. Try an alternative USB port on your machine or an alternative machine.

The recorded files on the Sentinel Ultra will be in a numbered sequence. In each individual recording there will be an onscreen display of the time the recording was taken using a UTC time code.

The date/time format and the time-zone cannot be user adjusted. If the unit does not have a GPS signal the time displayed will revert to 2000-01-01 00:00:00 for the start of the first recording.

There is no deliberate audio recording when using a Sentinel Ultra. Any sound on the video track is not deliberate or associated with the video image. This should be disregarded or muted on video playback.

The Sentinel product should be safe for storage between ‐20°C and +80°C however for long term storage room temperature dry conditions away from intense direct sunlight is advised.

The Sentinel will not see visible light so differences in visible colour will not be shown on screen unless they are also present in the infra‐red light and thermal or heat signatures will not be visible. Only items illuminated by the light and viewed by the camera will be visible.

The Sentinel will show you what is in‐front of the light and camera. If the object reflects or absorbs invisible Infra‐Red light this can be seen by the camera will be shown on the screen.

The Sentinel will shine light up to 50m and the camera will show a man-sized object at this distance.

The Sentinel Pro and Sentinel Ultra will shine light up to 100m and show a man-sized object at this distance.

Objects closer than 10 to 15m may appear too bright and out of focus as these are closer than the minimum operating distance of the Sentinels.

The Sentinels combine an invisible 940nm infra-red light source and a camera optimised for this light. Items illuminated in front of the camera are visible on the rear screen.

The Sentinel is an electronics device with an integrated rechargeable battery, this should not be disposed of in the general waste stream and should be treated either as waste electricals for materials recovery and safe disposal or returned to your reseller when replacing a unit.